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for 30 unlimited days all access

Try 30 days unlimited hot yoga and hot fitness

This offer is open to anyone who has never purchased an introductory offer from Hot Fit Liverpool.

All classes at Hot Fit Liverpool are designed to be intense cardio workouts. They will help you sleep better, feel better and look better.

All Our classes are practiced in our specialist hot studio, we whack the heat and humidity up to 41c to create the perfect environment to sweat, burn more calories and get a better workout. Classes are suitable for all levels.

Our Specialist system is a combination of gentle radiant heat from above.

The system's air handling unit gives a constant flow of fresh air throughout your class keeping the studio both hot and fresh!


What type of classes do you have?

We offer Hot Yoga, Hot Pilates, Hot Kettle Bells, Hot Hit (Body Weight Circuits), Hot Spin Hit (Spin Bike and Circuit). We practice a combination of yoga styles in our heated studio - set routine classes and flow classes, for comparison Hot A and Hot B is more like Absolute or Bikram yoga style and the other classes are more similar to Vinyasa flow classes and we also have a more chilled Yin style class too. Our Hot Fitness Classes are high energy. We aim to burn as many calories as possible in these classes. All our classes are designed by experienced practitioners to help you get fitter, more flexible and to shed body fat. They are designed so that all levels can participate at their own pace.

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